Comparing Continental TrueContact vs Michelin Defender

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The Continental TrueContact Tour and Michelin Defender T+H: Not Your Average All-Season Tires

The Continental TrueContact Tour and Michelin Defender T+H stand out from the standard all-season (A/S) tires. Both are known for their quiet ride, and they push the envelope with extended tread life, enhancing the deal with their outstanding performance throughout the year.

Yet, it’s crucial to recognize that they’re not interchangeable. The most noticeable difference lies in their performance on light snow. Having experienced both tires firsthand, I’ve noted variations in their wet traction, dry grip, and overall durability.

This guide aims to shed light on the unique characteristics of each tire. Furthermore, I’ll provide a comprehensive overview of what each model brings to the table. So, if you’re finding it hard to choose between the Continental TrueContact Tour and the Michelin Defender T+H, keep reading.

Continental TrueContact Tour

The Continental TrueContact Tour is a solid pick for most drivers, offering a range of sizes from 15 to 19 inches. It stands out for its superb fuel efficiency and impressive tread longevity—outdoing its previous version by 27%. You don’t just have to take my word for it; Continental’s own tests back up these claims.

What’s really intriguing is this tire’s asymmetric tread pattern, typically seen on performance tires. This design means you get the best of both worlds: durability and top-notch stability and steering at high speeds.

Still on the fence? Consider its alignment verification system, DWS (Dry, Wet, Snow) indicators, and a generous 80,000-mile warranty. These features make it a compelling choice, assuming the price tag fits your budget.

Michelin Defender T+H

Back in 2011, when I was driving a 2006 Volkswagen Jetta and searching for tires to soften its rough ride, the Michelin Defender T+H caught my eye. This tire, with its all-season tread compound, not only enhanced the ride comfort but also boosted highway performance. It’s noteworthy how it managed short braking distances, allowing me to navigate light wintry conditions confidently for the first time.

Thanks to Michelin’s Comfort Control Technology, vibrations and road noise were significantly reduced, ensuring a serene driving experience.

Despite its 80,000-mile warranty, it’s not without its flaws, mainly its price. However, for those prioritizing peak road performance and willing to invest, the Defender T+H is an unbeatable option.

The Main Differences

Now that we’ve explored the capabilities of both tires, let’s compare them directly. This way, you’ll know whether to choose the TrueContact Tour or the Defender T+H for your vehicle.

Comparing Off-Road Performance

First off, it’s important to understand that neither tire is built for off-road adventures.

But, if you’re determined to venture off the paved roads, the TrueContact Tour is your best bet. Not because it’s ideal for muddy conditions, but because its deeper grooves give it a slight edge on dirt roads compared to the Defender T+H, which lacks such grooves.

However, for the sake of your investment, it’s wise to stick to on-road driving with these tires.

Winner: Continental TrueContact Tour

Comparing On-Road Performance

Both tires boast an all-season tread compound, cutting-edge technology, and superior water evacuation capabilities, promising impressive on-road performance.

The Defender T+H shines with its Comfort Control Technology, ensuring a smooth ride on highways. Its computer-optimized asymmetric tread pattern keeps the tire stable at various speeds.

The TrueContact Tour, thanks to EcoPlus Technology, offers remarkable fuel efficiency and even wear, potentially surpassing its 80,000-mile treadwear warranty if not overly stressed.

Winner: It’s a tie

Comparing on Snow Performance

After testing both tires in light winter conditions, the Defender T+H provided a more confident experience on snowy roads.

Why? Its zigzag patterns and sipes enhance grip on thin snow and ice, while its circumferential grooves aid in water evacuation, reducing hydroplaning risk and boosting snow performance.

That’s not to discount the TrueContact Tour, which remains capable in light snow due to its flexible tread compound. Yet, for snowy drives, my preference leans towards the Defender T+H.

Winner: Michelin Defender T+H

Comparing Treadwear and Durability

While both tires come with the same promise of lasting 80,000 miles, don’t be fooled into thinking they’ll wear the same way on the road. The Defender T+H, with its slightly tougher tread compound, is likely to outlast others on dry roads, with just the occasional rainy day drive. On the flip side, the TrueContact Tour is built to endure, especially if rainy roads are more your beat, thanks to its adaptable rubber.

Winner: It’s a draw.

Comparing Comfort

When it comes to riding in comfort, the Defender T+H takes the prize, hands down. Thanks to its Comfort Control Technology, it’s not just about dampening the road noise before it can sneak into your vehicle and disrupt the peace. This clever tech works in harmony with the tire’s rubber to soften the blows from road bumps and dips, delivering a smoothness that might just lull your passengers into a nap.

Winner: Defender T+H

Comparing Price

As of this writing, be prepared to shell out roughly 10-20% more for the Defender T+H compared to the TrueContact Tour. If you’re new to the tire game, the sticker shock of Michelin’s prices might catch you off guard. But for those in the know, it’s no secret that Michelin’s premium comes with the territory.

Winner: TrueContact Tour

Pros and Cons

Both tires share similarities, yet they also have their unique features.

Continental TrueContact Tour Pros & Cons


  • Better handles dirt and gravel roads.
  • Features an outstanding tread life.
  • More affordable than the Defender T+H.


  • Not as comfy to drive as the Defender T+H.

Michelin Defender T+H Pros & Cons


  • Delivers a quiet and cozy ride.
  • Ensures top-notch traction on wet roads.
  • Easily deals with mild winter conditions.


  • The price might be steep for some budgets.

Which Tire Should You Choose?

The Continental TrueContact Tour is a smart choice if you’re in the market for an all-season tire that’s built to last. Not only does it stand out for its durability, but it also offers impressive fuel efficiency and performs exceptionally well at high speeds.

On the other hand, if you mostly stick to highway driving, prioritize a smooth and quiet ride, and aren’t too worried about the price tag, then the Michelin Defender T+H is the way to go. Just like the TrueContact Tour, it’s designed for longevity, provided you don’t constantly test its limits.

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