Comparing the Continental PureContact vs Michelin Premier

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The Continental PureContact and Michelin Premier A/S highlight the widespread appeal of all-season tires. These tires excel in a variety of conditions, from dry pavement to rainy weather and even light snow, providing a smooth and comfortable ride that outshines both summer and winter tires.

Their longevity is another key factor in their popularity. Unlike performance or winter tires, these models feature a balanced tread compound that evenly spreads out pressure across the tread area. This ensures uniform wear and a longer lifespan.

However, even though they’re both designed for drivers who prefer not to switch tires with the seasons, there are notable differences between them. Price is the most evident, with the Michelin Premier A/S being significantly pricier than its Continental counterpart.

But the distinctions don’t stop there. As you’ll see in this detailed guide, there are more features setting these tires apart than those bringing them together. Continue reading to figure out whether the Continental PureContact LS or the Michelin Premier AS is the right choice for your vehicle.

Michelin Premier A/S

The Michelin Premier A/S is a versatile all-season tire tailored for sedans, coupes, and minivans. Taking over from the Primacy MXV4, it’s offered in a variety of sizes, from 15 to 19 inches. It’s a perfect match for vehicles like the Nissan Sentra, VW GTI, and Subaru BRZ.

Designed to perform year-round (barring thick snow conditions), its design leans towards enhancing wet driving capabilities. This focus on safety in wet conditions is a nod to its predecessor’s reputation for minimizing rain-related vehicular incidents.

Yet, the Premier A/S isn’t just a one-trick pony when it comes to dry surfaces. Those who’ve driven on it testify to its remarkable braking efficiency and the boost it gives to fuel economy under sunny skies.

And on snowy days? While not a winter-specific tire, the Premier A/S stands ready to navigate through light snow with ease, thanks to its thoughtfully designed tread blocks and sipes.

Continental PureContact LS

The Continental PureContact LS steps into the spotlight as a grand touring tire aimed at passenger cars and crossovers. With sizes that range from 16 to 20 inches, it’s a go-to choice for drivers of the Audi A6, Toyota Camry, or Hyundai Tucson.

Billed as a ‘luxury touring tire,’ the PureContact LS boasts a softer rubber compound than standard touring tires. This translates to superior road grip and a smoother ride.

Beyond enhancing grip, this tire is a friend to fuel economy and a booster for your car’s handling and performance in all weather conditions. It also stands out for shortening braking distances on wet roads.

Its array of benefits does come at a higher price point compared to its peers. However, the investment is justified by the comprehensive upgrade it offers to your vehicle’s driving experience.

What Are The Features of The Michelin Premier A/S?


  • Offers a quiet and comfortable ride
  • Provides excellent traction on wet surfaces
  • Can handle mild wintry conditions with ease


  • Relatively small treadwear warranty

The Michelin Premier A/S excels at delivering top-notch road behavior and outstanding performance. Its Comfort Control Technology plays a key role, working alongside internal steel belts to minimize road vibrations and dampen noise, ensuring a smooth and quiet journey.

The tire’s unique blend of sunflower and silica oil in the tread compound strikes a perfect balance, offering firmness for grip on dry roads and flexibility for better traction in wet conditions. This harmonious blend is what positions the Premier A/S as a leading ‘premium all-season tire.’  

However, these features alone don’t fully capture how the tire manages to shorten braking distances in both wet conditions and light snow. The secret lies in its tread, packed with countless biting edges that allow your vehicle to stop quickly upon braking.

Michelin has also added value by incorporating four circumferential and numerous rain grooves into the tire’s design. These features work together to swiftly channel water away, significantly lowering the risk of hydroplaning and ensuring safe and enjoyable drives in rainy weather.

What Are The Features of The Continental PureContact?


  • Offers an unbelievably quiet ride
  • Comes with a 70,000-mile treadwear warranty
  • Exceptional steering response and handling


  • May wear quickly if regularly pushed to the limits

The Continental PureContact LS shines with its outstanding performance, according to internal testing. It leads the way with 10 percent better traction on wet surfaces compared to its older version. But the benefits don’t stop there. This tire also offers a 23% longer lifespan, making it a smart choice for those long journeys ahead.

One of the most notable improvements is how quiet it is. With the EcoPlus Technology, it cuts down noise by half at highway speeds compared to its predecessor. It’s no surprise that experts from Tire Hungry frequently applaud this tire as among the quietest available.

A closer look at its tread reveals the innovative ‘Quick View’ Indicators – the letters D, W, and S. These indicators are a quick guide to understanding how the tire will perform on dry, wet, and snowy roads. Keep in mind, the faster a letter fades, the less effective the tire is under those specific conditions.

Just below these letters, you’ll find the ‘Alignment Verification System’ (AVS), marked by three rectangles on the outer tread. This ingenious feature allows you to check if your wheels are properly aligned, signaling when it might be time to see a mechanic.

Continental PureContact Vs Michelin Premier: Main Differences?

Now that we’ve explored the features of both tires, let’s see how they stack up against each other. We’re diving into their performance on and off the road, their ability to handle snow, their longevity, warranties, and cost.

Continental PureContact vs. Michelin Premier: Off-Road Performance

Given that both tires boast an all-season tread compound, it’s clear neither is designed for rugged off-road adventures.

Particularly, the Continental PureContact LS focuses more on delivering high performance than on providing a cushy ride. It can handle some light off-roading, but push it too hard, and you might find yourself needing a new tire.

Winner: It’s a draw (since neither is made for off-road challenges)

Continental PureContact vs. Michelin Premier: On-Road Performance

The Michelin Premier A/S shines when it comes to making your ride as smooth and quiet as possible. It’s built to ensure your drive is serene, with all its features working together towards that end.

On the flip side, the PureContact LS aims to strike a perfect balance between comfort, handling, and grip on both dry and wet surfaces. This means it doesn’t compromise on speed to perform well under various conditions. It’s tailored for those who enjoy speeding along the highway without sacrificing comfort.

In summary, for daily driving needs, the Michelin Premier A/S takes the crown. But for those who value a blend of performance and comfort during long trips on the highway, the PureContact LS is the way to go.

Winner: Michelin Premier A/S (for daily driving); Continental PureContact LS (for enhanced performance)

Continental PureContact vs Michelin Premier: Snow Performance

Both these tires are equipped to handle mild winter conditions decently. They each have features indicating their ability to perform on snow. However, in deeper snow, neither tire excels. So, if you’re in an area with heavy snowfall or your job requires navigating through snowstorms regularly, you might want to consider other options.

Winner: It’s a tie – both are suitable for light wintry conditions, but that’s about it.

Continental PureContact vs Michelin Premier: Treadwear and Durability

When it comes to the lifespan and durability of these tires, both offer impressive tread life. However, their treadwear ratings hint that one might outlast the other. The PureContact LS boasts a treadwear rating of 550, showcasing its superior durability in its category. On the other hand, the Premier A/S’s treadwear rating of 500 is average compared to its peers.

While treadwear ratings are not the sole determinants of a tire’s longevity—driving habits and road conditions matter too—on paper, the PureContact LS is expected to have a longer road life.

Winner: Continental PureContact LS

Continental PureContact vs Michelin Premier: Comfort

For those prioritizing a smooth and quiet ride, the Michelin Premier A/S emerges as the top pick. Its Comfort Control Technology efficiently minimizes road noise and vibrations, ensuring a more pleasant driving experience. Even though it may not last as long as the PureContact LS, it compensates with superior ride quality.

Winner: Michelin Premier A/S

Continental PureContact vs Michelin Premier: Price and Warranty

Despite their steep prices relative to standard all-season tires, both models come with generous warranty terms. Yet, when directly compared, the Premier A/S falls short. It offers a lesser treadwear warranty (60,000 miles) and comes with a higher price tag than the PureContact LS, which provides a 70,000-mile warranty. Choosing the Premier A/S means paying more for less mileage.

Winner: Continental PureContact LS

Continental PureContact vs Michelin Premier: Which Tire to Choose?

If you’re in the market for an all-season tire that brings together outstanding performance, respectable comfort, and a longer lifespan on the road, the Continental PureContact LS is a standout option that merits consideration. On the other hand, for those prioritizing top-notch road behavior and superior performance under wet conditions, the Michelin Premier A/S stands out as a compelling choice.

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