Falken Rubitrek AT vs Falken Wildpeak AT3W

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Rubitrek and Wildpeak by Falken Tires are both top picks for all-terrain adventures. They share a lot in common, from their purpose to their appeal, yet there are small differences that make each unique. We’re here to spotlight these differences, helping you pick the one that’s just right for your needs.

What is the Falken Rubitrek AT all about?

The Falken Rubitrek is crafted to face any weather head-on. It’s perfect for medium to large trucks and SUVs, striking an impressive balance between adventurous off-road journeys in tough terrains and reliable on-road performance. The tread is designed to last, no matter what the road throws at it.

In wet conditions, the Rubitrek is engineered to cut through still or moving water, effectively preventing hydroplaning. For snowy adventures, it sports the three-peak mountain snow symbol, signaling superior snow traction. This tire is truly versatile – ready for mud, forests, snowy slopes, and even long motorway stretches. Plus, its on-road capabilities are solid, making it a confident choice for everyday street and motorway driving.

What is the Falken Wildpeak AT all about?

Designed for rugged, all-weather capability, the Wildpeak shares many similarities with the Rubitrek but has unique features that set it apart. The Wildpeak excels in conquering various terrains, whether it’s snow, mud, or rocky landscapes. It is also compatible with a range of vehicles, particularly medium to large-sized pickup trucks and SUVs.

The tire boasts the three-peak mountain snow symbol, indicating its prowess in snowy conditions. It is built to be strong and durable, with a tread design that embodies toughness. The Wildpeak tire is not just about looks; its name reflects its nature, fearlessly tackling any challenge with enthusiasm and energy.

Pros of Falken Rubitrek

  • Strikes an ideal balance between adventures off-road and smooth on-road journeys.
  • On the road, it delivers exceptional ride quality, standing out among AT tires.
  • The Silica tread compound enhances the tire’s longevity.
  • Excelling in snowy and wet conditions, it’s among the top choices for such environments.
  • Maintains consistent traction across snow, wet, and dry surfaces.
  • Features patented 3D canyon sipes for improved off-road capabilities and resistance to wear from high torque.
  • Heat diffusing technology in the lower sidewall ensures the tire stays cool at high speeds.
  • Full-depth sipes and grooves guarantee steady performance for the tire’s lifetime.
  • Provides ample comfort and keeps road noise to a minimum.
  • A 55,000-mile tread warranty offers peace of mind to owners and those considering a purchase.

Pros of Falken Wildpeak

  • A durable off-road tire excelling in mud, sand, and rocky terrains.
  • Ranked as one of the top AT tires, capable of navigating almost any landscape.
  • Features the deepest tread in its class for sustained performance in wet and snowy conditions (applicable to LT sizes).
  • Support ramps and step-down features in the tread blocks enhance vehicle stability and handling while preventing stone trapping.
  • Incorporates heat diffuser technology in the lower sidewall to manage heat at high speeds.
  • An additional bead on the outer sidewall offers extra protection against rocks and sharp objects.
  • The Silica Compound tread ensures exceptional tread life.
  • Offset shoulder blocks safeguard the tire’s sidewall, particularly useful in off-camber or low-tire pressure scenarios.
  • 3D Canyon Sipes in the tread protect against wear from extra torque.
  • A 55,000-mile tread life warranty across all sizes reinforces confidence among owners and potential buyers.

What are the main differences between Falken Rubitrek AT and Falken Wildpeak AT3W?

While both the Falken Rubitrek and the Falken Wildpeak tires share a lot in common, there are a few key differences that set them apart, especially when it comes to how they wear over time.


Winner: Falken Rubitrek

Both of these tires are designed for all-terrain (AT) use, and they both benefit from advanced tire technology, making it reasonable to expect them to wear at a similar pace. They’re built tough, with solid tread blocks supported by ramps and step-down features that not only keep stones from lodging in the grooves but also improve the tires’ handling and stability.

Another shared feature is the offset shoulder blocks found on the upper sidewall of each tire, offering a robust defense against sharp objects that might damage the tire’s most at-risk areas—its sidewalls. Both tires also use a Silica rubber compound, contributing to their longevity.

However, the Falken Rubitrek edges out slightly ahead in terms of treadwear. The center blocks on the Rubitrek are positioned closer together than those on the Wildpeak. This subtle difference not only helps the Rubitrek last a bit longer but also gives it an advantage as a road tire. But there’s more to this story, so stay tuned.

Off-road Performance

Winner: Falken Wildpeak

When it comes to tackling the great outdoors, both the Falken Wildpeak and Rubitrek tires shine bright. They boast the deepest treads you can find, making them perfect for adventures off the beaten path. The tough tread blocks are designed to break through mud or rocky terrains with ease. Plus, these tires have strong shoulder blocks on the sides. This isn’t just for show; it helps them slice through trails better and shields the sidewalls, especially if you’re riding on less air than usual.

Both tires come equipped with top-notch tech and tread patterns ready to take on any challenge, fitting for any rugged truck or SUV. But, the Falken Wildpeak nudges ahead in off-road capabilities. Its tread pattern is spread out more evenly, even in the middle, unlike the Rubitrek where the center blocks are more bunched up.

To be honest, not everyone might spot the small differences in their performances. But, for those off-road enthusiasts who really know their stuff, the distinctions become clear when you see these tires in action side by side. The Wildpeak gets an extra nod for its off-road prowess.

On-road Performance

Winner: Falken Rubitrek

Both the Rubitrek and Wildpeak tires, despite their rugged designs for off-road adventures, handle on-road tasks surprisingly well. They’re tough enough for the wild but smooth enough for the road. The same tread blocks that provide amazing grip off-road also ensure solid traction on pavement.

You can confidently drive at highway speeds, knowing these tires will keep you steady, whether you’re speeding up or hitting the brakes hard. They even have a cooling feature on the sidewalls to prevent overheating and blowouts, perfect for hot climates.

But when it comes to road manners, the Falken Rubitrek takes the lead. Its center tread blocks are packed closer together, which means more grip since they touch the road more often. This design makes the Rubitrek more stable and grippy on the road, giving you better control and confidence while driving. Plus, it’s the quieter and smoother option, thanks to fewer vibrations making their way into the car, making your drive more enjoyable.

Wet Performance

Winner: Both Tires

Both tires are capable of treading through flooded areas or river streams, thanks to the Silica infused compound and the aggressive tread pattern that channels all the water through the large gaps on the tread instead of locking it between the tread and the road. 

Under heavy rain or stormy weather, both tires perform in the same manner. The tread cuts through water quite effectively and maintains its contact with the road at all times, thus preventing the chances of hydroplaning. One could drive confidently at safe speeds without losing traction on wet roads. We think that the Falken Rubitrek and the Falken Wildpeak are at par in terms of wet weather performance.

Snow Performance 

Winner: Falken Wildpeak

The Falken Rubitrek and Wildpeak AT tires feature a tread pattern that takes on even the toughest of terrains with relative ease and it is this same tread pattern that makes life easy for users driving over snow. Both tires have the three peak mountain snow symbol on them, a badge that proves their ability to tread in the coldest of conditions. 

The tires work on snow in a similar way, as they work on mud. Deep tread patterns and strong tread blocks help dig into the snow. Rigid tread blocks with support ramps and step-down features prevent the snow from getting stuck in the grooves. The 3D Canyon Sipe Technology offers the needed traction and reduces wear, especially in uphill snowy regions where vehicles rely largely on their torque figures to move forward. 

We’d say the Falken Wildpeak does a slightly better job in the snow than the Falken Rubitrek and the reason is the same as listed in the Off-road performance criteria. The difference in performance may not be evident but the added advantage that the Wildpeak offers could come in handy in severe weather like snowstorms. Even the distribution of the Wildpeak’s tread pattern helps it get that extra bit of traction to cut through deep snow, unlike the tread pattern on the Rubitrek which is closely arranged in the center. 

Price and Value

Winner: Falken Wildpeak

Both tires are versatile, each shining in its own area—one excels off-road while the other makes highway cruising a breeze. When it comes to getting your money’s worth, both tires stand out as top choices for all-around AT tires.

However, when we talk about cost, the Falken Rubitrek is pricier than the Wildpeak, and the reason isn’t clear. Thus, the Wildpeak takes the lead in this category as well!


Winner: Both Tires

Each tire comes with a robust 55,000 mile (or 90,000 km) tread life warranty across all sizes, since they’re both from the Falken family. Falken steps it up with a Road Hazard protection plan, offering a free tire replacement within the first two years or the initial 3/32nds of tread life if there are any manufacturing defects.

Go for the Falken Rubitrek AT if…

  • You balance your driving between smooth roads and off-road paths.
  • You prefer AT tires that bring comfort and keep the noise down.
  • Long-lasting tread is key for you.
  • You’re after an AT tire that excels in every area.
  • Your area gets a good deal of snow.
  • Your location is known for heavy rain and flooding.

Pick the Falken Wildpeak AT3W if…

  • You navigate through very rough terrain.
  • Off-roading is your thing, especially on challenging trails.
  • Your area sees a lot of snow, from heavy to severe.
  • You deal with lots of rain and flooding.
  • Highway driving is rare for you.
  • You want your money’s worth in an AT tire.


In summary, both Falken AT tires – the Rubitrek and the Wildpeak – stand out for their performance and value. They’re quite similar, but their slight differences are crucial in deciding the right tire for specific situations. Falken has smartly designed two tires that seem alike, yet these small distinctions make a big difference in their suitability for various conditions.

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