Goodyear Endurance vs Maxxis M8008

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Choosing a new tire isn’t just about spending money. It’s about considering other key factors like how long the tire lasts, its mileage, and how well it can handle heavy loads and tough driving conditions.

When it comes down to picking between Goodyear Endurance and Maxxis M8008, the choice gets simpler. Goodyear Endurance is great for saving costs in the long run, while Maxxis M8008 excels in smooth driving, even under heavier loads. Although Maxxis M8008 is more budget-friendly, investing a bit more in Goodyear Endurance makes sense because of its durability and even wear.

Each tire brand designs its products for a specific purpose and type of vehicle. For us, Goodyear Endurance and Maxxis M8008 are all about trailers. They’re built to endure the toughest conditions, rough terrains, long journeys, and hefty loads. So, here’s our insight on two trailer tire options: Goodyear Endurance and Maxxis M8008.

Goodyear Endurance: A Trailblazer in Trailer Tires

Introduced in 2017, the Goodyear Endurance revolutionized the trailer tire scene. Crafted for various trailers and haulers, it’s available in load ranges D and E. Its standout feature? The ability to bear heavy loads effortlessly on extended journeys. Expect enhanced durability, a longer tread life, and an overall extended lifespan from this tire.

A sophisticated tread design and a rounded profile enhance stability at higher speeds. The tread stays cooler on hot and rough terrains, making it a significant upgrade from the Goodyear Marathon tires. It’s not just an improvement over the Marathon but a leap forward from several past Goodyear creations.

Trailers, by nature, are destined for extended trips – be it mountainous terrains, cross-country adventures, or exploring the unknown. Hence, the necessity for tires that withstand the test of roads and varying weather conditions cannot be overstated.

The Goodyear Endurance stands tall in this regard, offering exceptional ride comfort, a higher tread life, and superior handling, ensuring your journey is as smooth as your destination.

What is the Maxxis M8008?

The Maxxis M8008 stands out as a cost-effective tire known for its superior construction. It rivals few in the industry for durability, with the Goodyear Endurance being a notable competitor.

This tire features a strong casing design, enhancing stability and durability. This ensures a longer lifespan and a smoother ride. The advanced tread pattern on the M8008 reduces rolling resistance, which in turn, cuts down on fuel consumption.

Furthermore, the M8008 boasts a heavier weight due to its double steel-belted design, offering added strength and stability to the tires. This design choice means these tires are 7 pounds heavier than the standard bias-ply tires typically equipped on trailers.

Pros of the Goodyear Endurance

The Goodyear Endurance stands out for its exceptional performance and sturdy build, elevating it above many other tires. Let’s dive into its key benefits:

  • Capability to Handle Heavy Loads: Designed to support hefty burdens, the Goodyear Endurance is perfect for trailers on long-haul trips. Whether it’s your furniture, appliances, or even passengers, this tire ensures your journey is smooth and stable, thanks to its reinforced steel belts. You won’t have to worry about the drive quality or stability, even with a full load.
  • Built to Last: When we talk about a tire that’s ready for new adventures, on and off the beaten path, the Goodyear Endurance is what comes to mind. Its off-road prowess is significantly enhanced by various features, including the Durawall technology. This technology boosts sidewall strength, offering protection against punctures and cuts that are common in off-roading. Additionally, the Scuff guards on the sidewalls act as a shield, preventing premature wear and tear and protecting the tire from unexpected failures.
  • Reduced Air Loss: Another advantage of using Goodyear Endurance on your hauler is its ability to retain air better than many competitors. Thanks to an improved inner liner, these tires keep air loss to a minimum during towing and driving, ensuring a more reliable and hassle-free experience.

Pros of Maxxis M8008

Cost-Effective: The Maxxis M8008 stands out as an affordable choice among its peers, offering top-notch quality without the high price tag. This tire proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get excellent performance on the road.

Long-Distance Capability: Owners of the Maxxis M8008 rave about its ability to effortlessly cover more miles than many other tires in its class. Feedback from both past and current users highlights its reliable performance on tough roads and during extended journeys, showcasing the tire’s durability and endurance.

Superior Shock Absorption: Thanks to its double steel belting, the Maxxis M8008 excels in absorbing shocks. This feature not only improves the tire’s strength but also ensures a smoother ride, even on bumpy terrain.

Enhanced Fuel Efficiency: Designed with a sophisticated tread pattern and structure, the Maxxis M8008 minimizes rolling resistance. Lower rolling resistance means the tire can achieve better fuel efficiency, allowing for longer trips and heavier loads without a significant increase in fuel costs.

What Are the Main Differences Between the Goodyear Endurance and Maxxis M8008?

Goodyear Endurance vs. Maxxis M8008


  • The starting price for Goodyear Endurance tires is $124 each.
  • Maxxis M8008 tires begin at $118 per tire.

Tread Pattern

  • Goodyear Endurance tires feature treads of less depth, which might limit their performance on tough roads and make it hard to navigate through mud and snow.
  • Maxxis M8008 tires are designed with deep, straight, and chunky treads, making them suitable for all types of weather and ensuring they perform well on rough terrain.

Uniformity in Wearing Out

  • Goodyear Endurance tires come with a load range E and a 10-ply rating, offering more strength and balanced wear over time.
  • Maxxis M8008 tires have a C load range and a 6-ply rating, indicating a quicker wear rate.


With these tires, you can hit speeds up to 80 miles per hour. They make it easy to push your speed to 106 miles per hour.

Load Capacity

They can handle loads up to 3200 pounds with ease. The M8008 tires can carry a maximum of 3420 pounds.

Tread Depth

A shallow tread depth can mess with your ride’s performance and stability. On the flip side, deeper treads boost performance.

Fuel Requirements

A shallow tread depth and more rolling resistance can bump up your fuel costs. But, less rolling resistance and deeper treads mean you’ll use less fuel.

Shock Absorption

Goodyear’s been making rides comfy for over a hundred years, and it shows with their Endurance tires. The M8008’s double belted steel sidewalls might make them last longer, but they could make the ride a bit rougher.


When the treads are not very deep, the grip on the road isn’t as strong.

On the other hand, tires with deeper treads offer much better grip.


Tires with a lower aspect ratio are known for their superior cornering abilities.

This is because tires with low sidewalls provide better control when making turns.

Driving in Different Weather

The Goodyear Endurance tire, with its shallow tread design yet straight lines, is great for rainy season driving on slick roads.

However, these shallow treads aren’t the best choice for cold weather and icy conditions.

For rainy drives, deep, aggressive tread patterns are best as they push water away effectively.

Moreover, these aggressive patterns are versatile, offering solid performance in various conditions, whether icy, hot and dry, or simply warm.

Considering these points, it’s clear that each tire has its distinct advantages, making the choice between them a bit tricky.

Choose the Goodyear Endurance if:

  • You’re aiming for tires that can go the distance.
  • You’re after a cost-effective choice that promises even wear.
  • You’re seeking a smooth journey across various road types.

Opt for the Goodyear Endurance when you desire a companion for the long haul that enhances your driving with greater stability, longevity, and uniform wear. This tire is perfect for those extended road adventures where cornering matters just as much as endurance. Despite its initial cost compared to the M8008, the Goodyear Endurance proves more economical over time due to its lasting durability.

Installing these tires may require a more cautious driving approach, but considering their efficiency and the infrequency of needing replacements, they ultimately offer more value.

Choose the Maxxis M8008 if:

  • You’re seeking a budget-friendly tire that doesn’t skimp on performance.
  • Your journey involves navigating rugged paths and challenging terrains often.
  • Your goal is to cut down on fuel expenses and increase your load capacity.

The Maxxis M8008 stands out as a smart pick when your priority is to economize yet require immediate tire replacements.

These tires become indispensable for your trailer when embarking on icy adventures or into unpredictable weather conditions, all while aiming to reduce fuel consumption.

However, while on the move with these tires, prioritize safety, especially on bumpy roads, as the steel-belted sidewalls may not ensure a smooth ride.

Wrapping It Up

After reading this review, you’ll understand that the price tag isn’t the only thing to think about when buying tires. Focusing just on price might not pay off in the future.

When picking between two tires, like the Goodyear Endurance and Maxxis M8008, which are made specifically for trailers, it’s crucial to consider the needs of a trailer.

Trailers travel on various roads, face different weather conditions, carry heavy loads, and often need to go long distances. You need tires that can handle all of this well. So, choosing between Goodyear Endurance and Maxxis M8008 comes down to their performance, stability, durability, and ability to handle tough weather and rough roads.

In summary, if you’re after better performance, a longer lifespan, and a smoother ride, the Goodyear Endurance is your best bet, even though it’s pricier. However, if saving fuel, spending less, and having a tire that excels in harsh weather and on tough roads at a lower cost (but with a shorter lifespan) sounds better to you, then the Maxxis M8008 is the way to go.

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