Toyo Open Country AT2 vs Toyo Open Country AT3

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In the dust, Toyo’s Open Country AT2 stands, a testament to the wild. Its successor, the AT3, emerges, challenging its lineage. We delve deep, beyond the surface, to discern if this newcomer redefines the trail or merely adorns a new mask, a question of legacy versus evolution.

What is the Toyo Open Country AT2?

The Toyo Open Country AT2 is a tire designed for medium to large SUVs, Jeeps, Pickup trucks, and Crossovers. Its primary goal is to conquer off-road challenges and provide a long tire life, maintaining grip until the very end. It features an aggressive sidewall pattern and a durable tread design, making it an excellent choice for all-terrain use.

When it comes to driving on paved roads, the tire’s performance is generally moderate and calm. Snow handling is decent as long as the winter conditions are not too harsh, and its performance in wet conditions is slightly better than average. However, the AT2 shines when dealing with rocks, mud, and irregular terrain.

What is the Toyo Open Country AT3?

The Toyo Open Country AT3 is an upgraded tire that improves upon its predecessor, the AT2, in various aspects. Toyo has actively listened to customer feedback, leading to significant enhancements that make the AT3 a superior tire. One of the most notable changes is in the tread pattern and depth. This modification has transformed the AT3 into not just an improved off-road tire but also a more advanced all-terrain (AT) tire overall.

When you first drive on the AT3, the differences might not be immediately apparent. However, as you experience different surfaces and speeds, the improvements become more noticeable. The AT3 features S-shaped tread blocks that are closely packed, with deeper spaces in between. This design choice helps to reduce tread wear and increase traction. For better grip on wet surfaces, the AT3 incorporates deeper 3D Siping. Additionally, the sidewall design of the AT3 includes more aggressive blocks than those found on the AT2, offering enhanced protection.

But the question remains: do these improvements also translate to a better on-road driving experience? Keep reading for a thorough comparison.

Pros of Toyo Open Country AT2

  • The tread compound is designed to last longer, making it more resistant to wear. This means your tires won’t wear out as quickly, saving you money in the long run.
  • Its tread design leans more towards off-road adventures. If you’re someone who loves to take the path less traveled, these tires are made with you in mind.
  • Built to be puncture-resistant and carry heavy loads, these tires are tough. They’re perfect for those who need their vehicle to handle the extra weight, whether it’s for work or play.
  • Consistent traction throughout the tire’s life ensures a smooth and safe ride, regardless of how many miles you’ve put on them.
  • Rated with a Two Snow-Flake symbol, these tires are a reliable choice for light to mild snow conditions. They’ll help keep you moving when winter tries to slow you down.

Pros of Toyo Open Country AT3

  • Features an even better tread design than the AT2, with enhanced wear resistance. This means they’re built to last even longer, offering more value for your investment.
  • The tread pattern is versatile, designed for both road use and off-road expeditions. Whether you’re commuting to work or exploring off the beaten path, these tires can handle it.
  • Equipped with a tougher tread to navigate difficult terrains and support heavy loads, the AT3 tires are for those who demand the most from their tires in challenging situations.
  • These improvements allow them to stand toe-to-toe with competitor AT tires, showcasing their quality and durability.
  • With a Three Snow-Flake rating, the AT3 tires are capable of handling medium to heavy snow conditions, making them an excellent choice for those facing harsher winter weather.

What are the main differences between the Open Country AT2 and AT3?

When comparing the Open Country AT2 and AT3 tires, we see some clear differences in treadwear and off-road performance.


The Open Country AT3 takes the lead here. Both tires are crafted to minimize wear as much as possible. The AT2 has a strong tread compound that extends the tire’s lifespan and a tread profile that promotes an even contact patch, enhancing rolling resistance and tread life. Its solid construction and deeper tread depth are key for durability.

However, the AT3 goes a bit further. It features smaller S-shaped blocks on the tread, providing a larger contact patch and gaps that allow the blocks to flex in various directions. This flexibility, along with better cut and chip resistance, lowers the treadwear rate more effectively than the AT2.

Off-road Performance

Again, the Open Country AT3 stands out. The AT2’s sidewall has indentations for protection, which differs from the AT3’s enhanced defense. On the AT2, the S-shaped blocks on the tread are halved, narrowing the gaps between them and reducing off-road traction under harsh conditions.

For the AT3, the sidewall showcases aggressive blocks for superior protection against rocks and sharp objects. Its tread’s S-shaped blocks are spaced uniformly, optimizing off-road performance. These subtle yet significant differences in tread and sidewall design make the AT3 a superior choice for off-road adventures.

On-road Performance

Winner: Toyo Open Country AT3

The Toyo Open Country AT2 leans more toward an off-road design. Although it doesn’t excel as the AT3 does, its design – including the tread pattern, tire compound, and overall durability – is meant to handle rough and uneven landscapes well. On paved roads, the AT2 delivers decent performance and grip, especially when driving at moderate speeds. When it comes to comfort and reducing noise on the road, the AT2 is fairly average.

The AT3, however, boasts a tightly arranged tread pattern that increases the tire’s contact area with the road, enhancing grip. The design of the outer edges also improves the tire’s stability on roads and provides superior cornering control compared to the AT2. The AT3 also does a good job of soaking up road vibrations, making for a more comfortable ride, and it keeps the noise down, which is impressive for an all-terrain tire.

Wet Performance

Winner: Toyo Open Country AT3

The wet performance of both tires is closely matched. The AT2 has wide channels in its tread that help to move water out of the way effectively, but its contact area isn’t as broad as the AT3’s, potentially slowing down water clearance and increasing the risk of hydroplaning.

The Open Country AT3 shines on wet surfaces, benefiting from a larger contact area that ensures maximum traction and driver confidence. Its upgraded design features deeper 3D siping, enhancing its ability to disperse water and minimize the risk of hydroplaning.

Snow Performance

Winner: Open Country AT3

The Open Country AT2 by Toyo earns a two Snow-Flake rating. This means it’s best for places where the snow is light and not too intense. This tire doesn’t do as well in heavy snow because it has the same problems in wet conditions as it does against the Open Country AT3. Even though it has good siping and tread patterns, it doesn’t grip well in thick snow.

But the AT3 is playing in a whole new field when it comes to all-terrain tires. With a three Snow-Flake rating, the AT3 easily digs into deep snow and holds on tight. Its better tread pattern lets you speed up and slow down boldly without slipping.

Price and Value

Winner: Open Country AT3

The AT2’s price ranges from $188 to $650, based on tire size. Given its performance, we think it’s a pretty good deal. It’s a tire worth considering for its price.

On the other hand, the Open Country AT3 isn’t much pricier than the AT2. Prices start from about $190 to $700, depending on the size. Spending a bit more gets you a tire that excels in every condition. The value the AT3 offers is truly amazing!

Warranty Coverage

Winner: Open Country AT3

The Open Country AT3 takes the lead with its generous warranty coverage. It steps ahead of the Open Country AT2 by offering a more robust 50,000 miles treadwear warranty. This is alongside a comprehensive limited warranty that protects against defects in materials and craftsmanship, calculated based on the distance traveled.

For the top performer, the AT3, warranties are even more customer-friendly. If you choose P/Euro-Metric sizes, you’re covered up to an impressive 65,000 miles for treadwear. And for those opting for LT and Flotation sizes, the warranty extends up to 50,000 miles. This coverage comes in addition to the standard limited warranty, which provides protection based on the number of miles you’ve driven, focusing on material and workmanship defects.

Use Toyo Open Country AT2 if:

  • Your wallet is tight: If you’re watching your spending closely, this tire fits the bill.
  • Mild adventures are your jam: For those who stick to the beaten path rather than venturing into extreme off-road territories, this tire’s got you covered.
  • Snowstorms aren’t your scene: If you steer clear of heavy snow and similar harsh weather conditions, this tire should suit your needs.
  • You’re gentle on the gas: Ideal for drivers who aren’t constantly testing their tire’s endurance to the extreme.
  • Average on wet roads works for you: This tire offers decent performance when things get a bit wet.

Use Toyo Open Country AT3 if:

  • Your budget can stretch: For those who don’t mind spending a bit more for quality, this tire is worth considering.
  • You love the rough and tumble: If conquering challenging terrains is your idea of fun, and you need a tire that can keep up, this is the one.
  • All-weather warrior: Designed to excel across the board, whether it’s beating the heat or braving the blizzard, this tire won’t let you down.
  • Snow is no obstacle: If you’re facing down heavy snowfall and extreme weather conditions regularly, this tire is equipped to take it on.
  • Thrills are your thing: Perfect for the spirited driver who loves a dynamic driving experience.
  • You value longevity and warranty: If getting the most bang for your buck and a solid warranty is important to you, this all-terrain tire stands out.

Final Verdict

To wrap things up, the AT way, we believe that Toyo has hit the mark in enhancing its well-loved AT tire. The improvements in the Open Country AT2 are not just for show but truly enhance performance across the board. Whether it’s dry or wet traction, winter readiness, off-road capabilities, or even value and warranty, the Open Country AT3 has surpassed the AT2 in every category.

It’s not often we see such a comprehensive upgrade where the new version completely outshines the previous one. The AT3, therefore, deserves all the accolades it receives.

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